Turkish Semolina Halva

This semolina halva is one of my favorite Turkish desserts.  I have always thought of halva as a sticky and thick white block, and was delighted when Deniz introduced me to this very different type of halva.  It’s buttery and slightly sweet, light and fluffy, and eaten with a spoon.  Once I put one spoon in my mouth, I can’t stop eating until the bowl’s gone. […]

Taiwanese New Years Coconut Butter Mochi Cake (甜年糕)

Deniz and I were lucky to have my parents visiting this week during Chinese New Year.  Dad made this traditional Taiwanese coconut butter steamed new years cake that I grew up on.  It’s sticky in the center, flaky on top, and has a delicious buttery coconut taste.  Here’s the yummy recipe, given to us by a family friend (Mrs. Helen Shu). Ingredients: 16 oz bag of sweet glutenous rice flour 3 eggs […]

Mocha Whoopie Cupcakes

After Deniz’ 20th weekly purchase of tiramsu from Don Quixote’s, I couldn’t help but challenge myself to make something cheaper, healthier, and just as tasty ourselves.  Challenge accepted.  This whoopie pie look-alike is actually a reverse tiramisu:  chocolate cake dipped in coffee with a tangy cream frosting.  No matter what it’s called, it’s mouthwatering moist and light, with just the right amount of sweet, bitter, and […]

Turkish Baklava

As someone who was born and raised in Turkey, people always assume I have baklava syrup running in my blood (my cholesterol test results partially confirm this). Moving to the US did not stop me from enjoying this sweet, nutty, crunchy dessert. My cravings were easily satisfied by Baklava King when I was in San Diego (the best baklava hands down).  After we moved to Japan and […]