Fake Chicken

Vegan Chicken

As someone who used to eat a lot of chicken dishes, one thing I miss the most is the chicken texture. Gardein makes very good soy chicken products. But if you are cooking at home most of the time, buying fake chicken can get costly, not to mention sometimes difficult to find. That is why our mission is to find the perfect fake chicken recipe to […]

Singapore Lemongrass Chick’n Coconut Curry

After an indulgent weekend titillating my taste buds in Singapore, I had to try my hand at Singaporean cuisine. Lucky for me, my favorite cookbook series (Wei-Chuan) has a Singapore, Malaysian & Indonesian cookbook.  This was my first attempt at Singaporean food and it was knock-me-down scrumptious.  Below is our vegetarian adaptation of Christina Hwang’s Fragrant Coconut Chicken.   It took a little grocery hunting to […]