Fusion Indian-Chinese Pani Palak Paneer / Pureed Ong Choi with Tofu

Deniz and I love indian food and palak paneer is one of those great flavorful and healthy dishes.  We had a lot of extra ong choi in the garden and figured, why not try it with water spinach instead?  We took Dassan’s Palak Paneer recipe and modified it slightly to make it our own.  Here is our fusion recipe, we couldn’t be more pleased with the […]

Fusion Bangladeshi Pancakes

I’ve always wondered why there aren’t many savory pancake offerings.  I love the texture of pancakes, but don’t much like sweet in the morning, especially cloying syrupy sweetness.  I’d always wished pancakes were salty instead of sweet.  So when I found Lail Hossain’s Bangladeshi Chapri recipe, I decided to try making it using pancake batter.  The results were so delicious, we’ve made it many times, and also tried other savory pancake concoctions. Ingredients: 3 c Krusteaz Light […]

Indian Fusion Sweet Potato Cauliflower (Aloo Gobi)

Deniz and I love Aloo Gobi, so when we decided to make it this week, we were really excited.  Now, normally we go grocery shopping together.  But this week I wasn’t feeling well, so he went on the mission by himself.  Best husband ever, he went to two grocery stores to get everything, and even unloaded the groceries without a compliant.  When we were ready to cook the next day, he took all the […]

Indian Grilled Eggplant Pâté (Baingan Bharta)

If you like mashed eggplant dishes like Baba Ganoosh, this dish is for you. It’s a tart Indian dish, packing in lots of spices and flavor. If you have the ingredients, making it is very easy. Either eat as a side dish, or make it a dip for your chips. Ingredients 2lbs of eggplant ¼ c cilantro ½ c finely chopped onion 1 t garam masala 1 t cumin seed 2 […]

Indian Malai Kofta

If I were to die tomorrow, and could have one final supper, I would order Malai Kofta.  It is my favorite dish hands down.  It’s the first thing I look for on the menu at any Indian restaurant before considering any other option.  I must have tasted over 100 different Malai Kofta recipes at Indian restaurants throughout the world, including in India.  So yeah, I’m a bit […]