Stuffed Baby Bell Peppers with Chipolte VegPork and Cheesy Rice

Deniz and I were doing Mexican taco/burrito this week and saw beautiful baby sweet bell peppers on sale in the grocery store.  We decided on a whim to also make stuffed peppers.  The turned out so delicious, we had to add a post so we remember the recipe.  We gobbled up 6 peppers in the span of 5 minutes.  Guilty, and yet healthy pleasure. Ingredients: 12 sweet baby […]

Mexican VegBeef Tamales

I love tamales, and wish vegetarian versions were more commonly available.  Below is Tyler Florence’s recipe adapted for our vegetarian diet.  Takes a while to make, but is totally worth it.  Has that perfect blend of chilies, vegetarian beef, and sweet corn.  This version is very mild, with just a touch of heat. Ingredients: 1 bag dried corn husks, about 24 Meat Filling: 14 Morningstar Original […]

Black Bean Corn Salsa

Got this recipe from a reddit VegRecipes post 3 years ago and have made it countless times since.  It’s addictive.  Makes about 6 cups of salsa that gets gobbled down in less than a day every time.  The beans give it a heartiness, the corn gives it a sweetness, and the apple cider vinegar gives it a fresh tangy taste.  With tortilla chips, it feels like […]

Fusion Chipolte Lentil Soup

Deniz and I have always loved lentil soup.  Before we met, each of us made it in our own way, me with Taiwanese seasoning (soy sauce and vegetables), Deniz with Turkish seasoning (tomato paste and onions).  When we started cooking together, we found a way to marry our two recipes, and the result was better than either of our original recipes.  It’s now become one of our old standby […]

Mexican Vegetarian Enchiladas

One of the great things about Mexican food is how easy and fast it is to make, and how the filling ingredients can be reused in other recipes.  We like to prepare a large batch of filling and use it in several different recipes, saving us time and effort.  Below is our vegetarian enchilada recipe, that reuses food prepared for the VegBeef Taco recipe. Ingredients: 10 Morningstar […]