Ethiopian Lentil Stew (Mesir Wat)

Ethiopian food is my favorite cuisine, and mesir wat with injera bread is my favorite Ethiopian dish.  I’ve tried multiple mesir wat recipes through the years, and finally found this recipe on Saveur that matches the delicious taste of my favorite Ethiopian dish.  I modified it slightly, including a bullion cube for additional depth of flavor.  I also reduced the cooking time and added water so […]

Hawaiian Musubi

Everytime I see musubi in a Hawaiian market or potluck, I get so jealous.  Looks so yummy with its sweet soy fatty topping wrapped in a cute nori package.  So I decided to make a vegetarian version!  Below is what Deniz and I created over the weekend, turned out tasting great!  Enjoy! Ingredients: 2 c sushi rice 5 sheets nori, cut in quarters lengthwise 1 recipe of Seitan […]

Fusion Bangladeshi Pancakes

I’ve always wondered why there aren’t many savory pancake offerings.  I love the texture of pancakes, but don’t much like sweet in the morning, especially cloying syrupy sweetness.  I’d always wished pancakes were salty instead of sweet.  So when I found Lail Hossain’s Bangladeshi Chapri recipe, I decided to try making it using pancake batter.  The results were so delicious, we’ve made it many times, and also tried other savory pancake concoctions. Ingredients: 3 c Krusteaz Light […]


Deniz loves meatloaf.  There’s something so wholesome and American about it.  We’ve made it a couple of times using different recipes and have found this one to be the best (so far).  It’s modified from Michael Chiarello’s Italian Meatloaf recipe, and adapted for our vegetarian diet and taste.  We really like the combination of the Morningstar fake meat and lentils.  Provides a great hearty texture that holds […]

Circassian VegChicken (Çerkez Tavuğu)

This walnut sauce is a simple, but delicate and perfectly balanced complement for vegetarian chicken.  Smooth and creamy with crunchy chunks.  Together it’s one of those so-good-have-to-eat-more type of dishes.  We adapted it from The Sultan’s Kitchen:  a Turkish Cookbook by Ozcan Ozan for our vegetarian diet. Ingredients: 2 lbs Gardein meatless crispy chick’n (we use the Mandarin Orange variety, and leave the sauce out for […]

Taiwanese New Years Coconut Butter Mochi Cake (甜年糕)

Deniz and I were lucky to have my parents visiting this week during Chinese New Year.  Dad made this traditional Taiwanese coconut butter steamed new years cake that I grew up on.  It’s sticky in the center, flaky on top, and has a delicious buttery coconut taste.  Here’s the yummy recipe, given to us by a family friend (Mrs. Helen Shu). Ingredients: 16 oz bag of sweet glutenous rice flour 3 eggs […]

Taiwanese Stir-fried VegPork with Pickled Cucumber (味全花瓜炒素肉絲)

There’s something so satisfying about soy-pickled cucumbers combined with meaty flavors and textures.  We were excited to find this Taiwanese dish in Wei-Chuan’s Chinese Cuisine cookbook, and adapted for our vegetarian diet.   It’s so simple to make.  Salty and perfect on rice. Ingredients: 12 Morningstar Original Vegetarian Sausage Patties 2 green onions, chopped in 1-inch sections Marinade: ½ T soy sauce ½ T rice wine 5 T […]

Beijing Tangy Stir-fried Bean Sprouts

Deniz loves these bean sprouts, we’ve made them more than any other recipe on this blog.  I’ve never been a big fan of bean sprouts, and even I like them.  They’re simple to make, full of flavor, and very nutritious.  This recipe is taken from Wei-Chuan’s Chinese Cuisine cookbook, with the seasoning amplified for our tastes. Ingredients: 2 lbs bean sprouts ½ green pepper, thinly sliced 2 […]

Chinese Five Spice VegPork (魯素肉)

This dish has a five spice and fennel soy taste that makes it a unique treat different from traditional Chinese dishes.  It’s salty on its own, and goes great on plain white rice.  This recipe is adapted from Wei-Chuan’s Rice cookbook, for our vegetarian diet. Ingredients: 12 Morningstar Original Vegetarian Sausage Patties Spices: 6 medium-sized shallots, minced 1 T garlic, minced 1 T ginger, minced 1/8 t […]

Vietnamese Lemongrass Tofu (Đậu Hũ Xả Ớt)

Lemongrass tofu is Deniz’ favorite Vietnamese dish.  We both love it, with rice or in a ban mi.  This is our vegetarian adaptation to the Chicken Stir-Fried with Lemongrass and Chile recipe in Into the Vietnamese Kitchen: Treasured Foodways, Modern Flavors by Andrea Nguyen. Ingredients: 2 batches of Deep Fried Marinated Tofu Cubes 2 red bell peppers, seeded and cut into ½ inch squares 1 c coconut milk […]

Stuffed Baby Bell Peppers with Chipolte VegPork and Cheesy Rice

Deniz and I were doing Mexican taco/burrito this week and saw beautiful baby sweet bell peppers on sale in the grocery store.  We decided on a whim to also make stuffed peppers.  The turned out so delicious, we had to add a post so we remember the recipe.  We gobbled up 6 peppers in the span of 5 minutes.  Guilty, and yet healthy pleasure. Ingredients: 12 sweet baby […]

Ethiopian Injera

Deniz and I love Ethiopian food.  Something about it, we just can’t help ourselves, we keep going back for more.  Ethiopian food cannot be eaten without injera, so learning to make injera became a small goal of ours.  It’s not easy to get the taste and texture right.  And teff flour isn’t easy to find.  And then it takes 3 days for the yeast to ferment, […]

Garlic Eggplant Hummus

This is a simpler variation on Marcus Samuelson’s Chickpea-Eggplant Dip in Soul of a New Cuisine.  It’s by far the best hummus I’ve ever had, so smooth, almost silky with that deep eggplant taste.  Love love love it. Ingredients: 3 cans chickpeas, drained 1 carrot, sliced 1 large Spanish onion, chopped 2 t garlic, chopped ½ c olive oil 2 large eggplants, cut lengthwise in half 2 […]

Deep-fried Marinated Tofu Cubes

Tofu cubes make a fantastic meat substitute when marinated, coated with seasoning, and fried or deep-fried.  Below is a recipe that we modified from The Southern Vegetarian Cookbook: 100 Down-Home Recipes for the Modern Table.  It’s a great base most any chicken-based stir fry or wrap.  It’s also tasty enough to eat on its own.  Soon after cooking, there are always several that seem to mysteriously disappear […]

French Mushroom and Lentil Bourguignon over Smashed Potatoes

We found a recipe for this vegetarian dish in The Southern Vegetarian Cookbook: 100 Down-Home Recipes for the Modern Table, and it tasted great.  Unfortunately it took several hours to make.  So we decided to make a simplified version, below. Same deep red wine and mushroom taste and texture, but taking a lot less effort. Ingredients: 5 large Portobello caps, cut into large chunks 1/2 c French lentils 12 […]