Month: July 2020

Beyond Adana Kebab

Before I became vegetarian one of my favorite kebabs was Adana kebab. It got its name from the city of Adana in Turkey, and with its simple yet hard to achieve preparation what made this dish so tasty. Naturally we won’t be using tail fat, or mince the meat with a cleaver but we achieved […]

Beyond Beet Burgers

We’ve tried making a lot of different veggie burgers and kebabs over the years, and found it’s tough to get the taste and texture right.  Sometimes they’re too meaty, and sometimes they’re not meaty enough.  Also, they often come out too crumbly if too many vegetables are put in.  With the help of Beyond Meat, […]

Turkish Almond Syrupy Cookies (Sekerpare)

The first time I went to Turkey, I had these sekerpare cookies and fell in love.  They’re soaked in a delicious syrup, giving them an incredibly moist crumbly texture that I’ve never had in any other cookie.  We often crave them as there’s nothing comparable available in the US.  We’ve tried making them many times […]