Coming from Taiwanese and Turkish backgrounds, we both prefer desserts that are not too sweet. Low sugar recipes are hard to come by in America though! We’ve found most of our favorite desserts overseas, where the flavors tend to be more complex and sweetness mellowed. Here are some desserts that we often make and really enjoy.

Healthy Carrot Muffin Balls

I love carrot cake. After being diagnosed with diabetes, it became a mission of mine to find a healthy recipe […]

empty bowl as a placeholder

Turkish Semolina Halva

This semolina halva is one of my favorite Turkish desserts.  I have always thought of halva as a sticky and […]

Mocha Whoopie Cupcakes

After Deniz’ 20th weekly purchase of tiramsu from Don Quixote’s, I couldn’t help but challenge myself to make something cheaper, […]

Turkish Baklava: crunchy layers of baked phyllo dough stuffed with nuts, soaked in syrup

Turkish Baklava

As someone who was born and raised in Turkey, people always assume I have baklava syrup running in my blood […]