Beans have become an important part of our vegetarian diet. Yes, they are a good source of protein, but more importantly, they add a heartiness to our dishes, providing an almost meaty foundation to balance the lighter tastes of grains and fresh taste of vegetables. They blend well with spices from around the world, transforming simple ingredients into a complex dishes. We’ve enjoyed exploring the wide range of legumes available around the world, and their unique tastes and textures.

Crispy Air-fried Chickpeas

Air-fried chickpeas are such a great snack!  Healthy and super tasty.  Crispy on the outside and slightly soft on the […]


Deniz loves meatloaf.  There’s something so wholesome and American about it.  We’ve made it a couple of times using different […]

Turkish Ezogelin Soup

When I was in college back in Turkey, it was common for us students to eat cheap fixed menus at […]