Tofu is so versatile as a vegetarian protein substitute. It’s like a blank canvas. Soft in a soup, it melts in your mouth. Marinated and deep-fried or grilled, it serves as a good meat substitute. Dehydrated and marinated, it can be converted to jerky. We grill it with seasoning and eat it every morning for breakfast as a egg substitute. We always have several blocks available in our refrigerator ready for use. Sharing some of our best tofu recipes so you can enjoy tofu as much as we do!

Cheesy Frittata with Herbs

We recently got an air fryer attachment for our Instant Pot and have been making all kinds of things in […]


So I had been wanting to try to make a vegetarian fish for over a decade.  I kept procrastinating because […]

Deep-fried Marinated Tofu Cubes

Tofu cubes make a fantastic meat substitute when marinated, coated with seasoning, and fried or deep-fried.  Below is a recipe […]

Chinese Hot and Sour Soup (酸辣湯)

I’ve made this delicious soup in various versions over the years, thanks to Wei-Chuan’s cookbook guidance.  It’s got that perfect balance […]