As someone who was born and raised in Turkey, this cuisine is near and dear to my heart. Not only do I have a personal connection with it, but Turkish cuisine offers such a diversity to explore with some major influences from many regions – from Europe to Arabian peninsula, from ex Soviet Republics to Northern Africa. Some of the recipes included here are my childhood favorites cooked for generations, while others are modernized recipes from my sister-in-law or other chefs. I hope you enjoy what we prepared for you. Afiyet olsun! (That’s Bon Appétit in Turkish).

Turkish Zucchini Gondola

Another exciting Mediterranean recipe from my sister in-law Guelevren, made from zucchinis carved like, well, gondolas.

Beyond Adana Kebab

Before I became vegetarian one of my favorite kebabs was Adana kebab. It got its name from the city of […]

Turkish Beet Arugula Salad

Gulevren taught us how to make this delicious salad during our Thanksgiving 2019 visit.  The sweetness and softness of the […]

empty bowl as a placeholder

Turkish Semolina Halva

This semolina halva is one of my favorite Turkish desserts.  I have always thought of halva as a sticky and […]

Turkish Leek and Carrots

One day we were searching for a vegetarian recipe as usual, and we came across this leek & carrot recipe […]


So I had been wanting to try to make a vegetarian fish for over a decade.  I kept procrastinating because […]

Turkish Ali Nazik Kebab

We were blesssed to get a private cooking lesson from Gülevren last night.  It was a unique treat watching superwoman.  She […]

Turkish Ezogelin Soup

When I was in college back in Turkey, it was common for us students to eat cheap fixed menus at […]

Kisir is a savory bulgur salad that can be a snack or a side dish

Turkish Spiced Bulgur (Kısır)

Kısır is a traditional, home-cooked Turkish side dish.  It’s made of fine bulgur (chopped, hulled wheat kernels), which are high in […]

Turkish Baklava: crunchy layers of baked phyllo dough stuffed with nuts, soaked in syrup

Turkish Baklava

As someone who was born and raised in Turkey, people always assume I have baklava syrup running in my blood […]