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Welcome to our page!  We are vegetarian home cooks who like to explore different cuisines throughout the world.  Deniz is an American immigrant from Turkey.  Delphine is American, raised by traditional Taiwanese immigrant parents.  We met in San Diego, with its heavy Mexican influence on food.  Our marriage became an exotic fusion of international cultures and tastes.  We cook together every week, vegetarian-izing typical meat recipes.  It’s questionable who is the master chef and who is the sous chef (yeah, right -Den), but both of us together makes for a crazy fun explosive mess in the kitchen.

After 5 years together, we realized that we had to document our recipes so we could go back to them later.  We both love photography, so food styling and photography also created a fun new challenge for us.  This website has our favorite recipes.  And we continue to add to them as we cook each week.  If you’re a vegetarian who’s tired of eating salad every day, this site is for you.  It’s chock full of meat-like dishes and explosive flavor.  Each recipe is large enough to feed 8 people, so if you’re a couple like us, lots of yummy leftovers throughout the week.  Enjoy!