Fake Chicken

I really missed chicken after becoming vegetarian. It’s so ubiquitous in cuisines around the world, it’s hard to make so dishes without it. KFC chicken was my favorite food before becoming vegetarian, and boy did I miss it! I was so happy when I started seeing fake chicken products in the grocery store. It allowed me to recreate dishes that were previously inaccessible due to lack of those hearty chicken flavors and textures. Here are some of our favorite chicken creations, including a KFC knock-off that I’m particularly fond of. =)

Country Fried VegChicken

After I became vegetarian, one of the two foods I missed the most was KFC fried chicken.  Something about those […]

Deep-fried Marinated Tofu Cubes

Tofu cubes make a fantastic meat substitute when marinated, coated with seasoning, and fried or deep-fried.  Below is a recipe […]

Sichuan Pepper VegChicken

With its aromatic smell and flavor, Sichuan pepper makes any dish special. Now add hot bean paste, ginger, garlic, and […]

Charred on gas range, tastes like real BBQ chicken!

Jamaican Jerk VegChicken

Ingredients: 1.5 lbs vegan chicken, torn apart into 1 inch pieces with a fork 3 T jerk seasoning 3 cups of […]

Chinese Lemon VegChicken

  Another great recipe from Wei-Chuan’s Chinese Style Szechwan Style cookbook, adapted for our vegetarian diet. We were test trying […]

Cajun VegChicken Jambalaya

Here’s another fast and delicious recipe from Sandra Lee adapted our vegetarian diet.  It’s great by itself or as an […]

VegChicken Pot Pie

I used to think that bakery should be always separate from savory food (well, except bread of course). Whenever I […]

Vegan Chicken

As someone who used to eat a lot of chicken dishes, one thing I miss the most is the chicken […]