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Fusion Bangladeshi Pancakes

I’ve always wondered why there aren’t many savory pancake offerings.  I love the texture of pancakes, but don’t much like sweet in the morning, especially cloying syrupy sweetness.  I’d always wished pancakes were salty instead of sweet.  So when I found Lail Hossain’s Bangladeshi Chapri recipe, I decided to try making it using pancake batter.  The results were so delicious, we’ve made it many times, and […]

Indian Malai Kofta

If I were to die tomorrow, and could have one final supper, I would order Malai Kofta.  It is my favorite dish hands down.  It’s the first thing I look for on the menu at any Indian restaurant before considering any other option.  I must have tasted over 100 different Malai Kofta recipes at Indian restaurants […]