Living in San Diego, we are blessed to have ready access to delicious Mexican restaurants, spices, and ingredients. When we first started cooking together, most of the dishes we cooked were Mexican, in part because Deniz loves Mexican food, but also because as it was pretty easy to adapt Mexican recipes to our vegetarian diet. Below are some recipes that we cook and enjoy on a regular basis.

Mexican VegBeef Tamales

I love tamales, and wish vegetarian versions were more commonly available.  Below is Tyler Florence’s recipe adapted for our vegetarian […]

Black Bean Corn Salsa

Got this recipe from a reddit VegRecipes post 3 years ago and have made it countless times since.  It’s addictive. […]

Mexican Vegetarian Tacos

Deniz loves Mexican food.  I mean REALLY loves Mexican food.  When we first started dating, I once caught him with […]