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Coffee Subscriptions and Trade

PT’s Coffee Sent by Trade as part of my coffee subscription

As a mocha lover, I try to get the freshest coffee beans possible. This means sometimes driving to a local roastery when I am out to purchase a bag with my credit card. While some beans are absolutely perfect and safe choices, one thing they cannot satisfy is the itch to explore. What other beans out there?

If you are a coffee drinker and have searched for anything coffee online I am sure your social media feeds and invasive ad spaces flooded with coffee subscription offers by now. They all claim to work with the best roasters, fair trade beans, and some of them even give you free accessories like coffee scales. I came this close to bite the bullet and get one of these subscriptions, but every time something inside me told me that I would not be happy. What if the bag I receive is not good? Will I be stuck with it for the whole month?

This was one of the reasons I chose Trade. If your first bag is not satisfactory, they will find another match for free. Match you say? Yes, upon account creation you enter your preferences like the roast level, or whether you use plant-based milk, or if you are a beginner or an experienced barista. All those inputs find your best matches all across the United States. They queue these matches, and when then time comes they let the roaster know it is time for them to ship your next bag.

My first match was from Temple Coffee Roasters. My first impression was a bit disappointment. All I could taste was my soy milk – not coffee. I tried to dial it differently, but not much improvement (read on, it is actually not a bad bean). When I contacted Trade, they gave me couple options for a new complimentary match. I chose PT’s. This was slightly better, but not a home run. What was going on? Did I make a mistake?

I looked at the beans carefully, and they were rather light. I know I picked “medium” in my preferences because from my experience mediums I buy are almost always medium-dark, and darks are burnt. In this case they were, well, medium roasts. I went ahead and rereoasted these beans to make them darker, and voila! My mochas were rich and alive once again. I immediately changed my preference to dark in my account, because I know I will receive proper dark roast that I like.

There was nothing wrong with those beans I received, they were for true medium roast lover who might like to drink straight espresso. But in my soy milk and skinny chocolate powder they were little lost. Still, Trade kept their promise and they never said “sorry, you picked those it is your problem now”. And I think that is a good peace of mind with any commitment. I am looking forward to get my new beans (I am still drinking Temple and PT’s) and explore more of the wonderful world of coffee.

ps. Trade has a referral program where you can get a free bag, and I get a $3 discount. Normally your first bag is discounted, but with this link your first bag of coffee is free (well, at least that’s what they promised). Enjoy!