Indian Malai Kofta

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If I were to die tomorrow, and could have one final supper, I would order Malai Kofta.  It is my favorite dish hands down.  It’s the first thing I look for on the menu at any Indian restaurant before considering any other option.  I must have tasted over 100 different Malai Kofta recipes at Indian restaurants throughout the world, including in India.  So yeah, I’m a bit of a Malai Kofta snob.  Not all Malai Kofta’s I’ve tried taste right or have the right texture.  It’s a hard thing to get right.  And I know, because I’ve also tried dozens of recipes to learn to make it myself.  None have turned out right.  I few years back, I made it a life goal to learn how to make the dish right, but had gotten so frustrated I quit trying for several years.  Until today.  Today, Deniz and I made Dassana’s Malai Kofta recipe, and it is unbelievable.  The perfect Malai Kofta.  It’s a day for the books.  We can finally stop looking for recipes.  We’ve found the one.  Thank you Dassana!

I’m including the link to Dassana’s recipe so its easy to find.  Deniz and I will be making this many more times in the future.

A couple of notes on the recipe:

  • We hydrated golden raisins for 30 minutes in warm water and then put one in the center of each kofta ball before frying.  We also included a few raisins and cashews in the sauce.
  • Shallow-frying the kofta was didn’t work for us because the balls stuck to the bottom of the pan and tended to brown unevenly.  Deep frying worked perfectly for us.
  • The balls needed about 3 minutes in the deep fryer.  We found it best not to touch the balls until they were completely done cooking or they would fall apart and/or dissolve into pieces in the oil.
  • The recipe calls for tomato paste, but it actually needs tomato puree.
  • We made the sauce with 2 tsp of sugar and 3 tsp of salt.  We added 1 Tablespoon of salt to the kofta mixture.  Turned out perfect.
  • We doubled the recipe so we could enjoy it through the week.


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  1. thanks a lot delphine. your post has definitely made me feel better, lighter and inspired me. i am so glad that you guys loved the recipe. your post has made my day today 🙂

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