10 Favorite Savory Fake Meat Dishes

When we first became vegetarian, we missed being able to eat popular meat dishes from around the world. So when fake sausage, beef, and chicken products started appearing in the grocery stores, we got right to work creating vegetarian substitutes for the dishes we craved the most. Below are our top 10 favorite fake meat dishes. We are excited to share them with you, so that you can enjoy them as we do!

Korean Bulgogi VegBeef

Over the past week, I’ve been craving savory succulent meaty Asian meat dishes and was motivated to learn to make […]

Russian VegBeef Stroganoff

This Russian dish is classic in America, commonly found in TV dinners, but is never available in a vegetarian version. […]

Turkish Ali Nazik Kebab

We were blesssed to get a private cooking lesson from Gülevren last night.  It was a unique treat watching superwoman.  She […]

Thai Panang VegBeef Curry

Panang curry is my favorite Thai curry.  It’s got that sweet creamy spiciness that I love.  Here’s our vegetarianized version […]


Deniz loves meatloaf.  There’s something so wholesome and American about it.  We’ve made it a couple of times using different […]