Taiwanese Stir-fried VegPork with Pickled Cucumber (味全花瓜炒素肉絲)

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There’s something so satisfying about soy-pickled cucumbers combined with meaty flavors and textures.  We were excited to find this Taiwanese dish in Wei-Chuan’s Chinese Cuisine cookbook, and adapted for our vegetarian diet.   It’s so simple to make.  Salty and perfect on rice.


  • 12 Morningstar Original Vegetarian Sausage Patties
  • 2 green onions, chopped in 1-inch sections


  • ½ T soy sauce
  • ½ T rice wine
  • 5 T water
  • 3 t corn starch


  • 4 oz can of pickled cucumbers, sliced into thin strips
  • Liquid from the pickled cucumber can
  • 1½ T soy sauce
  • 1/8 t corn starch


Toast the veggie sausage patties in the oven for 15 minutes on 400°F.  Allow them to cool so they can be handled to cut.  Slice each patty into thin (approx ¼ inch) strips.

Combine the Marinade ingredients in a large bowl, mixing well to ensure the corn starch is fully dissolved.  Toss in the sliced patties to coat evenly.

Combine the Sauce ingredients in a medium bowl.

Heat 4 T of cooking oil on medium high heat in a large non-stick skillet.  Add the marinaded patty strips.  Allow to the patties to brown for 1 minute, then flip with a spatula, and continue cooking for 1 minute.  Then stir-fry for an additional 1 minute.  Add the green onions, and continue stir-frying for another minute.  Add the Sauce and stir well.  Continue cooking until the sauce bubbles and has thickened.


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