I used to think that American food was simple – hot dogs, hamburgers, etc. But across America is an incredible range of distinctly flavorful regional cuisines: Southern comfort soul foods, TexMex, Californian healthy fusion creations, Midwestern farm-to-table, Hawaiian Polynesian, etc. Having lived on the East Cost, in the South, in California and Hawaii, we’ve had the blessing to taste and fall in love with America’s different regional cuisines and exceptional restaurants. Here are our best vegetarian recreations of some of our favorite dishes. Enjoy!

Mocha Whoopie Cupcakes

After Deniz’ 20th weekly purchase of tiramsu from Don Quixote’s, I couldn’t help but challenge myself to make something cheaper, […]

VegChicken Pot Pie

I used to think that bakery should be always separate from savory food (well, except bread of course). Whenever I […]

Vegan Chicken

As someone who used to eat a lot of chicken dishes, one thing I miss the most is the chicken […]

Kale and Mango Salad

Mango Kale Salad

As vegetarians we never wanted to be associated with salad and other raw greens. However, this does not mean we […]